Fly summer, fly

The sun was finally setting on a long summer. New beginnings await. But she wasn’t ready, not yet. A new beginning surely meant change. Change was never easy especially where matters of the heart were concerned. And her heart had been given to the one and only, for 5 long years. Xavier’s would never be ‘just a college’ for her. It was where she felt at home. Where everything from the professors to the very walls and classrooms had shaped her to be who she is today. How could she then move on? Her heart had firmly lodged itself in the beautiful heritage structure that Xavier’s boasts of.

St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.

St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

But as the sun finally sets on these long months of lazing and reading and chilling, she must move on. She must prepare herself for the upcoming battle. She’ll learn to love this new beginning. Well she hopes she does anyway. It’s obviously not going to be the same because to her nothing can even come close to what Xavier’s meant to her but try she must.

She knows that with the sun setting, dark days lay ahead. But there’s still that one light left within her. Which no matter how hard they try, no one can dim. She knows it won’t be long before she can look forward to happier days full of sunshine and the welcoming heat and warmth. And though it may seem like a long time, she knows that these months will fly past her and she’s not alone. There are those trusted few right there along with her and they help to keep that light shining bright and beautiful, within her.

Daily Prompt: Seasonal Scents

S’mores, salty ocean breezes, veggie burgers on the grill, sweaty people on the bus — what’s the smell you associate the most with summer? – The Daily Post

Summers in Bombay are typically exceedingly hot and unbearably humid, to a point that stepping out of your house before evening is practically torture. Along with all that humidity, throw into the mix a sea of people all sweating like pigs and really you wouldn’t need any other reason to hate the summers here.  Let’s not forget travelling by crowded local trains with people almost toppling over each other, just to get to college everyday. Having other people’s armpits being shoved in your face is really not how one would want to start their morning. Or even worse, people sweating up a storm and really stinking, feeling the need to invade your private space and sitting almost on top of you. Yes, summer for me is mostly associated with heat, humidity and sweat all around.

But then again summer is the time the mango season starts! The sweet-smelling mangoes, some sour, some sweet are the only other thing that makes the summers here and the sweat all around worth it!