Hello Fear

Every time I close my eyes,

There are these flashes I see.

Flashes then lead the way to an unsettling Fear.

The Fear grips me; body, heart and soul.

And yet, there’s a fixed rigidity

Which won’t let me do what I must to drive away The Fear.

It’s like a bucket full of storm clouds which have taken up a cozy residence in me

Constantly raging war with its thunder and lightning

In a way completely consuming me..

It’s all I can then think of; papers, case studies, reports and submissions.

Not a minute of peace

And yet I’m stuck in this limbo – unable to move forward and unable to take a step back

But life goes on, does it not?

This too shall pass,

And oh how I shall conquer thee, Fear, you just wait and see.

Daily Prompt: Unleash Your Inner Dickinson: Prisoner of the Mind.

Caged within these bars,
The dark penetrating deep.
Suffocated by the realm of society,
Her head down in shame
Taking refuge within her cascading auburn locks.
A tingling on her spine began,
A ripple of anger flowed red-hot
A snarl bubbled through,
The bars rattling
The winds howling,
No more she said, no more.
She wrecked her way through the bars,
Growing stronger and stronger and stronger,
Unleashing her fury on this barbaric world
A whirlwind of fury,
Swallowing this barbarism, whole.