Life forever seems to be such a paradox. There are moments I wish I could just freeze in time, lest it pass by me before I can catch my breath. And then there are those wherein there’s nothing more I’d like than to move past it and jump into the awaiting future.

This is one of those instances when I feel like I’m stuck in a rut, while everything else whizzes by me. It feels like I’ve been doing the same constant mundane things over and over for the past two years. My soul craves some adventure, to delve into the unknown, to get away from the routine. I can almost taste what it would feel like.

And yet there are a million reasons for why I can’t do so, yet. Every time the craving hits I pacify myself by saying that there’s always time. And the proverbial dreamer in me keeps the dream burning alive.

And yet I find myself pondering if that is not the very reason keeping me from grasping what I want. Just another one of life’s many paradoxes that I’ll have to content myself with, till the dreamer in me has it all in her tangible hands.


As we start on this journey together,
We knew not each other.
We were ignorant in bliss
Life was rainbows and butterflies, as it so often is.
Like moondust settling on my eyes; my vision blurred and hazy.
The moondust I liked so much; new and sparkly as it were,
I knew not I was losing vision,
Knew not the web you had me in.
Then came a day,
When the moondust cleared and my vision sparkly clear,
Time I had to thank, for the lesson dear.
As the moondust fades away
The illusion sways.
But, it was the choices we made,
Today dearly paid
in the ghosts of our past,
Roaming the halls and strangers at last.