Sinking nerves

Her heart was thudding against her chest.
Her fingers were icy cold.
Fear had an iron clasp on her heart,
the butterflies had a strong hold.

She tried so hard,
to keep her ship afloat,
But no matter how hard she tried,
A wreck was inevitable.

With every few feet,
The anxiety increased ten fold.
No where to turn, nowhere to run
Her fate was fore-told.



Because reading this brought a smile to my face.

I love you without knowing
how, or when or from where.
I love you straightforwardly,
without complexities or pride;
so I love you because I know
no other way than this:
where I does not exist, nor you,
so close that your hand
on my chest is my hand,
so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep.

Sonnet XVII
Pablo Neruda


As we start on this journey together,
We knew not each other.
We were ignorant in bliss
Life was rainbows and butterflies, as it so often is.
Like moondust settling on my eyes; my vision blurred and hazy.
The moondust I liked so much; new and sparkly as it were,
I knew not I was losing vision,
Knew not the web you had me in.
Then came a day,
When the moondust cleared and my vision sparkly clear,
Time I had to thank, for the lesson dear.
As the moondust fades away
The illusion sways.
But, it was the choices we made,
Today dearly paid
in the ghosts of our past,
Roaming the halls and strangers at last.

Fair Maiden

The bells chimed,
The flowers swayed,
My heart smiled
For I was hand in hand with you.

The sun rose,
The birds chirped.
My eyes shone
For I was lost in you.

The wind roared,
The sea lashed,
My chest moaned
For the pain inflicted by you.

The earth trembled,
The oak burned,
My soul shrieked,
For there was no guilt in you.

The windows rattled,
The doors creaked,
My ghost gleamed,
For she was there to haunt you.

Daily Prompt: Unleash Your Inner Dickinson: Prisoner of the Mind.

Caged within these bars,
The dark penetrating deep.
Suffocated by the realm of society,
Her head down in shame
Taking refuge within her cascading auburn locks.
A tingling on her spine began,
A ripple of anger flowed red-hot
A snarl bubbled through,
The bars rattling
The winds howling,
No more she said, no more.
She wrecked her way through the bars,
Growing stronger and stronger and stronger,
Unleashing her fury on this barbaric world
A whirlwind of fury,
Swallowing this barbarism, whole.

The Ugly Truth.

Tis a thing so fragile
Laying its base in trust and honesty.
Hand in hand they go together,
Once broken, tis lost forever.

You knew not how deep I hurt,
Your manner remained distant and curt.
You blew out the dying embers
of hope,
I know not how I coped.

You found them others,
You found your place,
A distant memory was all I was
as they took my place.

You broke this fragile bond,
You tore my heart in two,
Much distress you caused,
Yet, to look back you never paused.

I was reduced to just that somebody,
A somebody when you had nobody.
A somebody to help in your time of need.
I was that somebody who would cater to one and all.

Mistaken you are love,
For I am not to be trifled with,
You’ve ignited the fire within,
The flames charring to ashes the friendship we once had.