Remember that feeling? The one where you have a hundred thousand thoughts, ideas, feelings running through your head? Caught up in everyday life many of these thoughts find out the deepest, darkest niche in your head and stay hidden in there until you have to make a conscious effort to retrieve them. And that’s not an easy task considering the pace at which we generate new thoughts. Most often they just pass by in a blur to never be remembered again. Hence I guess I create this sanctum, to put down all the random, mystical thoughts I have.

Writing for me, is also a hobby. It’s something that gives me pure, unadulterated joy and helps me declutter my mind. I’m no professional but regular reading as well as writing, I’m hoping, will help improve my skills.

Cheers, Happy reading!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! Thank you so much for following my blog “Foodfulife”!
    To me generating new thoughts is also about sharing some honest stuff about yourself with others… Here you do it really well! Thank you!

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