Sinking nerves

Her heart was thudding against her chest.
Her fingers were icy cold.
Fear had an iron clasp on her heart,
the butterflies had a strong hold.

She tried so hard,
to keep her ship afloat,
But no matter how hard she tried,
A wreck was inevitable.

With every few feet,
The anxiety increased ten fold.
No where to turn, nowhere to run
Her fate was fore-told.

Take Me Away a Secret Place

Have you ever thought of being the bigger person and just being nice to the human race for once in your life, only for it to come crashing down on you? This is exactly why I want to go some far away place and live with only dogs for company. Dogs will not read in between your words and make up something on another tangent, ignoring the point you were trying to make, dogs do not spew out rubbish and more importantly dogs do not make me want to violently strangle them.

Honestly, how hard is it to take no for an answer? Do people ever consider how hard it might be to come up with creative ways of saying no while being nice at the same time? And they call women clingy, geez. From a hundred different people who want to meet, to another hundred who want to be good friends to those who insistently want your phone number; take me away some far off place with a good book to burrow in and I could spend the rest of my life away. Till of course the craving for human company arises.

It’s like an analogy this loony friend of mine made. (Of course during the exam we don’t remember anything, but come the time for analogies.) It’s like the Push Button technique, wherein we push a button to be good friends and now we’re good friends. Good friends to best friends and best friends to sex. She had me laughing my guts out at that one, but that’s exactly what these people are looking for, aren’t they?

What happened to talking to the person, hanging out with them and getting to know them and eventually becoming good friends? And of course like she says, I don’t understand how I’m the one who always ends up with these people. It would obviously be too much to hope for the people who you’d like to start-up an actual conversation with, to start talking to you. Thanks a lot, Karma.

While I could go on whining, I’m sure every girl to ever exist would’ve gone through this at least once in her life. But oh well, looking at the bright side, at least I got some entertainment out of it.

Of Obsessive Insanity & More


She was but one person,
With a million different facades.

The sweet, innocent, proverbial angel as known to everyone else.
Crossover to the other side however,
and you find nothing but deception.

A game made to seem so effortless by her,
nothing but immaturity at the root of it all.

The insanity, the obsessive possessiveness, the denials,
She’s played them all.

A one sided love she was so blinded by,
it left in her a flash of red hot anger.

Assumptions at the tip of her tongue,
best friends forbidden to talk to people,
Daily updates of conversations with other girls.

A self made claim she had on him,
yet such a different story he had to tell.