My Person



Stunningly beautiful she is.
With the loveliest long mane
with lovely brunette shades,
In stark contrast to lovingly being called Blondie.
Innocent and naive she looks,
but looks can be deceiving, I should know.
Loud and raucous she is, being naturally loud and what not.
People call her pretty, but most haven’t seen her at her prettiest best-
the best pig face made by any man!
But she’s quiet when you need her to be
and A heart of gold she has.
She exudes warmth as a person
and has not one mean bone in her body.
Crazy she is; but a reason to smile she gives.
She’s my 3:00 am loon I’d call.
She brings out the crazy in me but then again
That moral conscience of hers makes me be nice against my will.
She is a cat person; I am a dog person.
Yet without her I could not do,
Cause she is My Person.


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