Constance and Change: The Two Friends

You walk into this place, dark and intimidating. The only beam of light falling in is through the open door. You’re uneasy, very uneasy. Frantic butterflies are flittering about in you. You can’t breathe all of a sudden. These walls are closing in and there’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The walls don’t stop, they’re closing in on you. Fear, heavy and hard lodges itself in your chest. There’s nothing you can do to dispel it from you and your heart continues its frenetic pounding. A quick twirl where you’re standing but you still can’t find a way out. The fear has manifested in you so deep, it holds you prisoner in your own mind. This place is new, it is dark and it is intimidating. You desperately want to hold on to that one constant that will keep you sane. You grasp around in the dark to find this constant but your hands come up empty, clutching at nothing but the musty air. Jolts of fear still run through you, but is there ever really a constant? Change, change is the only constant that one can have in their life, a constant that never remains a constant. Your eyes have only just adjusted to the dark but your heart is still running ahead. Things look so bleak through your eyes right now, but you know, that come one day, that heart will calm down and the butterflies will lay dormant again. One day, your mind will break free of its shackles and one day you will see the daylight again. You just have to believe.


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