Because the Night

Are you a night owl or are you the early bird? What’s your most productive time of day? When do you do your best work? The Daily Post

“At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.” said Jawaharlal Nehru in his rousing speech ‘Tryst with Destiny’. 66 years ago, on the cusp of Freedom this is what Pandit Nehru said. Little did he know that 60 odd years later a generation would be born who would thrive after twilight when the rest of the world sleeps. When insects and birds, creepies and crawlies retire and only the soft hoot of owls keep you company.

Like the rest of my peers, I come alive during the late night hours, or er, really early morning hours if you will. There’s something about the tranquility and peace that comes with that hour. Everything is calm and quiet. There’s no shrill whistle of the pressure cooker going off, or the continuous honking of cars, or the grinding gears of the blender. No chitter-chatter of people around and no more construction work. It’s that calm and sense of peace that helps me focus and get my work done as humanly fast as possible. And then there’s always the lull of sleep enticing to work and finish it so you can let your senses be engulfed by the sweet dreams sure to come.


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