The Unknown

What is it about the unknown that intrigues us so?

It didn’t take much to excite me. Your words were all I needed really. But would you blame me? Being born and brought up with impeccable language skills, although growing up in a place where very, very few people do justice to the language, I guess it doesn’t take much to fall for someone’s words. Or maybe that’s just me and my inner Frost. Either way, all it took was a few words here and there, and a genteelness you unknowingly portrayed that ignited a spark in me.

You ask me if it’s a full-blown fire raging? No, not yet. That might have something to do with the fact that neither do I have a name, nor a face to go with said name which I don’t know. Aah yet, there’s something about The Unknown, which sings out to me. The mysteriousness makes me pine more and more everyday. A quenching thirst is what you evoke in me, a curiosity so deep, I’m pretty sure it is going to get me killed. And all for a name. That’s all I want really. Your name, to satisfy, myself, to quell this thirst and maybe, just maybe pine over you.

But isn’t it the mystery itself which makes it so much more appealing? For now you could be my Prince Charming, the eternally good-looking fellow who can serenade me with his lovely songs or charm my pants off with his words. You’ve built your own identity and although I may claim I dislike the British accent, you still had me at the fact that you were British.

But are you really? For all we know you could be my junior. And that would be horrifying, something I really don’t want to think about. But then again I guess I’m just one of those people who needs to know it, irrespective of whether it’s pleasant or mighty unpleasant, I’d still rather know who you are and deal with what I know than ponder over days on end and still not find out who you were. And I guess it doesn’t help that not only do you come across as a nice human being which has become a rare breed in itself but that we might share similar interests.

Gah. If only we could have everything we wanted in life though. But I will find out a way to find you. I guess it’s a good thing that while I am highly curious I do have a pretty strong will power when it comes to something I want.


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