The Ugly Truth.

Tis a thing so fragile
Laying its base in trust and honesty.
Hand in hand they go together,
Once broken, tis lost forever.

You knew not how deep I hurt,
Your manner remained distant and curt.
You blew out the dying embers
of hope,
I know not how I coped.

You found them others,
You found your place,
A distant memory was all I was
as they took my place.

You broke this fragile bond,
You tore my heart in two,
Much distress you caused,
Yet, to look back you never paused.

I was reduced to just that somebody,
A somebody when you had nobody.
A somebody to help in your time of need.
I was that somebody who would cater to one and all.

Mistaken you are love,
For I am not to be trifled with,
You’ve ignited the fire within,
The flames charring to ashes the friendship we once had.


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