The Ugly Truth.

Tis a thing so fragile
Laying its base in trust and honesty.
Hand in hand they go together,
Once broken, tis lost forever.

You knew not how deep I hurt,
Your manner remained distant and curt.
You blew out the dying embers
of hope,
I know not how I coped.

You found them others,
You found your place,
A distant memory was all I was
as they took my place.

You broke this fragile bond,
You tore my heart in two,
Much distress you caused,
Yet, to look back you never paused.

I was reduced to just that somebody,
A somebody when you had nobody.
A somebody to help in your time of need.
I was that somebody who would cater to one and all.

Mistaken you are love,
For I am not to be trifled with,
You’ve ignited the fire within,
The flames charring to ashes the friendship we once had.

Rendezvous under the star lit sky.

It was a night to remember. It was a night to bring us closer. It was a night to bond. It was a perfectly well spent night together. The setting sun cast  a beautiful orange glow, the wind whispering in our ears but I doubt you noticed. You were so determined. Determined to make me leave my inhibitions back home. Determined to pull me out of my shyness. And my, did you succeed! For all the grumbling and protests on my part I did finally bow down to your wishes. But you brought out the best in me and I feel thankful that you are the determined and stubborn person I know you to be.

You captured some of the most beautiful moments and memories. You brought us all closer. Yes, the night was beautiful. Rare as it is the sight, it was a precious gift to view the twinkling stars in a city so busy and full of lights. The breeze a little chilly but we shared the warm and soft comforter listening to the most amazing pieces of music. From the violin, the cello and the piano right down to our own epic and beautiful (Read as horrendous) rendition of the Zombie. But that’s another memory made to be stored away for life.

It is said that music portrays our emotions, raw. Music can touch our hearts, touch our souls. It was music that night that touched our hearts. Right from the fiery violin pieces to the soft melodies. There was not much in way of conversation and yet I feel we said so much.

It was complete in every way. The food was scrumptious. The best meal I’ve had in a long time. (That may also be due to the fact that we were all ravenous and starving though.) We had our fair share of teasing, of jokes and the ever dear blonde moments. But what is a night without doing something forbidden? You made a deal and sealed it with gulp of old monk. The night would not have been complete without our bit of sneaking around.

They say that it always makes man appreciate the true value of something you had once but lost eventually. Stolen moments with your heart’s desire are ever so precious. Which is what made this night beyond beautiful. To have you curled up next to me. To see the same happiness in your eyes which I heart-fully feel. To see you demand that I shower you with hugs and pets. To see your eyes melt when you want something, to see you trick us with those eyes to surrender and give it to you. To be rewarded with a loving lick from you. You, my love, made this enchanting night every bit as special as did everything else.