Daily Prompt: Silver Screen : You Have Bewitched Me Body and Soul.

Take a quote from your favorite movie — there’s the title of your post. Now, write!

“You have bewitched me body and soul.”

Pride and Prejudice. Anyone who has watched that movie cannot help but swoon and fall in love with Matthew Macfadyen a.k.a Mr. Darcy. And why wouldn’t you, when he’s quoting lines like ‘you have bewitched me body and soul’ to his beloved. It has the potential to turn anyone into a puddle of mush. *sigh*

If only the men today would woo us like that. Or if only I’d been born in the 19th century. I don’t believe in the notion of love at my age. (P.S. I’m still a teenager) But I swear, anyone quoting those lines to me or quoting Darcy to me today, tomorrow, I’m going to fall for that person and fall hard at that. Guys who do that will probably be labelled as a pansy fellow, or the common term used today would be ‘gay’. Why? Because he is quoting Austen. But you know what? It just shows that he has good taste in literature and he knows how to woo the ladies with a touch of romance. We hardly see old school romance anymore. Everything now is just done in a lust induced haze. Sometimes it’s good to take things slow.

I hope one day I’ll meet my own personal Darcy. One who has a way with his words. One who can sweep me off my feet with his words and actions. One who is chivalrous. One who doesn’t hesitate to quote Austen or Shakespeare. Eh, I guess he’ll have to be well read for that. One who doesn’t take me for granted. One who respects me for who I am. I hope that someday, someone comes along in all his shining glory and proves me wrong regarding my skepticism for the male gender today. I hope one day, I will meet someone who will bewitch me body and soul.

Till then, I’ll just keep fantasizing about Mr. Darcy.


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