Daily Prompt: Places.

Beach, mountain, forest or somewhere else entirely?

When I close my eyes to the world around me I’m transported to this lovely, serene haven. The waves gently crashing on the shore lulling me into a sense of peace. The breezy, salty wind making my hair waltz around me. My toes sinking into a bed of soft, pristine white sand. The water barely kissing my feet before retreating back to the endless bounds of the ocean, blue. The setting sun casting a brilliant orange glow onto everything it can reach. The water glittering and sparkling like millions of tiny diamonds. A silence so deep, so peaceful, engulfing you, leaving you alone with your thoughts. Only the sea gulls there to give you company. As you walk along the beach, your footprints fading away the farther you go leaving behind no trace whatsoever.

Ah, what a haven this is, if only this weren’t in my head, if only I had the time and liberty to whisk myself off to such a place and disappear from the face of the earth, making it impossible for me to be found and eventually thrust back into reality.


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