If only…

He’s the epitome of tall, dark and handsome.

He’s the embodiment of a Greek god in a simple polo and jeans.

His hair, always messy and windswept.

His muscular chest, a bed of warmth to my soul.

His arms, always ready to catch my fall.

His voice, a drug to my ears.

His words, oh so eloquent, the pathway to my heart.

His smoldering eyes, igniting dancing flames of passion.

His look, so intense, pleasant shivers run down my spine.

His touch, gentle yet strong.

His caresses, so tender, leaving a trail of fire on me.

His hold, the best comfort to me.

His chivalry, making me feel like a royal lady.

His lopsided smirk, melting me into a puddle of mush.

His laughter, music to my ears.

His antics, an aid to my unstoppable laughter.

His humor, a bid to brighten my miserable day.

His playfulness, bringing out the crazy in me.

His patience, a gem, to be able to deal with me.

His actions, stealing away my heart and soul.

His love, the best thing that happened to me.

His existence, just a figment of my imagination…




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