Ebooks or Paperbacks? Which one will it be?

We live today, in the 21st century, an age in which technology has come a long, long way. Once upon a time there were the huge, heavy computers, now we have ultrabooks. And the internet – which we can say is the lifeline of people all over the world. The entire world is available at our fingertips. Just one click and – there you go. You’ll get whatever it is you’ve been looking for.

With this kind of progress it was hardly a matter of time before ebooks made a sweeping entrance into this tech savvy world. Could this be any more convenient? Thousands of books at our disposal anywhere, everywhere. First it was just the fat, heavy, mobile phone which was, at the most used to send short messages and make calls. But now we have super slim, super-fast phones with touch screens which come with an infinite number of applications. And the 2G and 3G have made life easier. We can now access books through the internet on our cell phones, tablets, laptops. Thus books have now become portable. You can carry end number of books along with you in your pocket. You can read anywhere you want to.

But somewhere down the line the novelty of it wears off. My eyes, after a while start to ache from staring at the screen for so long. This then consecutively gives me a head ache. And all the scrolling up and down really puts a strain on my eyes.


There is just some sort of magic in holding that tattered book, which you’ve read an end number of times now, in your hands. It’s almost like the book is talking to you. “Hey there. Long-time no see. I’ve missed you and your touch loads. So go ahead and open me up.” That book almost seems to be seducing you.

But you feel this sense of comfort holding that book in your arms, turning the old yellowed, crinkly pages, hearing the rustle and crackle. No sound is sweeter than that. Or the joy you feel when you’ve purchased a new book and you open it. The smell of a newly purchased book. It’s intoxicating. The pages crisp and bright.

The feeling when you hold the book, and because it’s tangible, the happiness is manifold a hundred times when purchasing a paperback instead of an ebook.

Or the feeling when you know that you can curl up in your niche with a blanket, your dog by you, your favourite book and maybe a cup of coffee. Or the immense joy you feel looking at all your paperbacks arranged on your bookshelf, which inevitably happens to be my most beloved spot in the house.

Remembering which scene took place in which page, or remembering that your favourite dialogue was placed on the left hand-side page, the third line in the second paragraph.

You don’t find these little joys and wonderments in an ebook. So for me it’s going to be the paperback. Hands down. Always.


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