Laugh Uncontrollably!

If I look back on the past 18 years of my life the moments that come foremost to my mind are the ones where I’m clutching my tummy in pain, rolling with mirth, gasping for breath and tears streaming down my face. Laughter. It’s ironic. My description above sounds almost painful but it’s the one thing that can give us some semblance of relief from our pain.

A little bit of laughter and humor can brighten up your entire day. It can make even the most grumpy person crack a smile. And what greater pleasure than knowing that you gave someone a reason to smile.

Have you ever wondered – when you see from afar a bunch of people laughing their hearts out, what could they possibly be laughing about? Has it ever made you also want to be in the in of things? Laughter has the potential to turn a lot of heads. It’s like that moment in class. Everything is quiet except the professor’s monotone voice droning on and two people burst out laughing loudly and all heads in the class swivel towards you so fast, there’s a possibility of your head falling off! It’s quite comical, really. Or maybe it’s just me because I happen to have a very vivid imagination and can find the silliest of things amusing.

Whoever said you need alcohol to get you a high? Laughter is the thing which can get me higher than the empire state in a matter of minutes. Throw in this mix iced tea from my canteen and you have a deadly result. The outcome is a blabbering, blithering idiot spouting utter rubbish, who can’t stop laughing even if she wants to. But you know what? Those are the moments I live for. These are the moments which have cleared out a part of the clutter from my brain and taken up permanent residence there.

Neither do I need a reason to laugh. I can start laughing for absolutely no reason. No, I’m serious, promise. I remember this one incident which took place last year. College was being a pain and I was up all night completing an assignment. I’d gotten just about 3 hours of sleep. And. And turns out sleep deprivation can give me a really happy high. Good for me, not so much for the others who have to bear my antics. All it took to get me started was one look at my friend (and I must mention that there wasn’t anything wrong with her. Like she wasn’t sporting shocking pink hair neither had she grown fangs overnight. No it was all me.) and laughter started bubbling out of me. Throughout the day I’d take one look at her and giggle. This reached its epitome when we’re leaving and I stop at the college gate with her and another friend and open my mouth to talk but instead there’s a ripple of laughter which burst forth from me. And I still don’t know why I’m laughing. I’m clutching my stomach, bending down trying to breathe and I have tears pouring down my face and I kept chanting I can’t stop laughing. Oh well, I gave the other two a reason to laugh as well. I remember now the weird looks I was getting from people leaving college. Do I care? Absolutely not. Because even while I’m writing this, I have a huge grin on my face.

Another incident which I remember took place a couple of years ago. It was a Sunday and we were gonna go out for lunch. As is the case in my house, me and my sister were ready to go, waiting for my parents to get done. She was lounging on my bed reading something and I walk into the room and see her. So because this really is a completely normal thing to do and any sane person would do it I take a running leap onto the bed, land face first and holler out boo yeah! I didn’t even have to look at my sister’s face to start laughing, though I’m sure her expression would have been epic. No I just started laughing and I proceeded to laugh my heart out for the next half an hour. I swear I’m not kidding. No my sister even mentioned to my mum that I’ve gone crazy.

So when I say I really don’t need a reason to laugh, I mean it.

Or it’s in moments like this. You’re travelling by train and your friend sends you this hilarious message and you burst out laughing. Really loudly. And the lady sitting in front of you thinks you’re a lunatic. But does it matter what she thinks? I’m probably going to remember her scandalized expression and laugh over that as well.

Even the mention of laughing gas can make me start laughing. (You must be thinking I really am such a loony. And my friends have already tagged me certifiably insane)

Laughter, it can give you such a high. So what is the point in complaining and whining about everything in the world, which is out of our control. Just laugh it over instead.  and it’s such a contagious thing. It’s like a pack of dominoes. One person starts laughing and everyone follows. So laugh yourself, give others a reason to laugh and spread some cheer and craziness in this grave world.


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