Kiss Slowly.

Eight months and seven days. It had been eight long months since she’d last seen him, held him. Eight excruciatingly long months and seven days. She started the countdown two months ago, striking out each day in bold red. It was exactly two months ago that she received the letter. The letter that brought her joy like no other, the letter which made her pace up and down unable to wait a minute longer. Because he was coming. He was finally coming home.

It wasn’t easy. Love is never easy. No, it certainly isn’t easy when you fall in love with someone who has a heart this big, big enough to want to protect a million strangers yet somehow all his brothers and sisters. It isn’t easy to know you’re never going to be the only one he needs to protect but it helps to know that you’re the most important one to him, you’re the one he wants to protect – to protect from any sort of harm, even protect you from yourself.

No it wasn’t easy at all. It’s not easy when in a year you get to spend just about twenty days with your other half. Those twenty days however, so blissful and sweet, it was a bubble she never wanted broken. But alas! All good things eventually come to an end. The pain was physical. Every step he took away from her, her heart felt like it was stabbed ruthlessly with the broken razor sharp glass shard. It pierced her with every step he took away from her until he was all but a shadow imprinted on her eyes. And then. And then it shattered, shattered into a millions different pieces. He was the only one who’d be able to put it back. Piece for piece. But would he be there the next time to mend it back? Would she see him again? Or would He above snatch away her dearest from her? She could only pray.

Hence the letter, so precious it was, because he was well and breathing and he was coming home to her. The letter clutched tightly in her hands, with a thousand tiny wrinkles, the setting sun bathed her in a warm orange glow. Peeking out at the curvy road ahead, perched against their creaking gate. She waited. And waited. A sliver of a shadow could be seen in the bend ahead. She held her breath, her heart beating a mile a minute. The shadow grew to indicate a man walking towards her. It was him. She knew that shadow very well. She sprang the gate open and looked up to see his face ahead. With a cry of happiness she ran, ran with all her might and stopped short just in front of him. She tenderly grasped his face and he held her waist. And no words were needed to express their love as they gazed at each other. Their love was beheld in their eyes. In that moment they were both lost to everything else.

And he slowly lowered his face, brushed her lips with his, taking his time, savouring the moment, savouring the feel of her against him, savouring the kiss. There was no hurry. He wanted to relish every moment of their kiss. Because god forbid not, but if this was their last kiss he wanted to remember every minute of it, every single minute. For now they had all the time in the world together and he kissed her slowly into the starry night.


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