Break the rules.

Life comes with its own set of dos and don’ts, it comes with rules and regulations. But rules were made to be broken. Because following the rules is not going to give us memories to laugh over years later, following the rules is going to make you just another face in the crowd. If you want to stand apart in this sea of faces break the rules and follow your heart. No one remembers the one who followed the rules letter for letter. It’s those that deviate who are imprinted on our minds forever. Because really no one is going to remember you if you came religiously to college, attended all your lectures and aced your tests. It’s the ones that are thrown out of class that will be remembered. it’s the ones that caused havoc and gave others a reason to smile at their own expense who will be remembered.

Life is full of adventure. Grasp it when you have the time because life is short and an opportunity once lost is lost forever. Somewhere deep down, if we play by  all the rules, there’s always this nagging feeling of what if I hadn’t? What if just this once I broke the rule? But unless you do you’ll never know and unless you do it now  you may never have the chance. Regret is probably one of the worst and one of the strongest emotions one goes through because you had the chance to do something but you never did. So why bring upon ourselves this emotion when the opportunity is right there in front of us. All we need is a little courage, maybe a small nudge and all we have to do is stretch our hands that extra inch and grab it. Life is not going to wait for us to go and live a little. Cause living by the rules is life not lived. So spread your wings, taste the air of freedom, break free of the mental shackles and go ‘live’ your life. Don’t just exist as an entity.


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