And it’s a Perfect Day

After a week full of painful assignments, presentations, work and dealing with people you’d much rather not talk to or ever see again in your life if you had it your way, a day spent with one of your best friends feels like heaven came by to drop a visit (after a long, long absence that is). So often busy doing the mundane things in life we don’t take time out to keep in touch with those dear ones. But maybe that’s the reason why the reunion is so blissful. After such a week all you need is the best friend, mindless chatter, good food, a walk around town full of heritage sites, and maybe some not so mindless chatter. Throw in an adorable, hyper excited, attention demanding dog in that mix. It doesn’t get better than that. That’s it, that’s all it takes to banish the horrible week I’ve had from my mind. What can I say? I’m easy that way, so it would seem. It could just be that lingering hug (in a completely platonic way of course) or the use of excessive sarcasm or scorn that could make your day. Or it could also be the realization that you’ve both been using a term constantly to denote how Satan could possibly have taken a liking to you and of course wouldn’t leave you and your life alone then. It’s these little things that ultimately get me to smile at the end of a hard day.

It may also help to have friends who not only understand the shit you spew but take part in it, add to it and make it shittier and encourage you to keep going on. Because lets face it. No one else would understand the shit you speak and they would certainly have you put in a mental asylum if they could. But in the long run this is what is going to give you a lot of memories to cherish. I mean, no one else is going to have an argument with you over an hour and a half on which fictional character belongs to whom and if they’re allowed to have one hot night with them on the terrace. Really who else would do that unless they’re just as insane as you and they love you to bits, who else? What’s the chance that one day out of the blue you realize that you’re not the only jobless person who spends hours in front of the computer reading fan-fiction but your best friend also does and it just happens to make your day. Or even having your miserable day being turned into an amazing one with that Hey You note. I’m pretty sure none. Maybe it’s fate that we crossed paths but I couldn’t be more ecstatic about the fact that we did. Who else would call me Potter otherwise…


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