Kiss Slowly.

Eight months and seven days. It had been eight long months since she’d last seen him, held him. Eight excruciatingly long months and seven days. She started the countdown two months ago, striking out each day in bold red. It was exactly two months ago that she received the letter. The letter that brought her joy like no other, the letter which made her pace up and down unable to wait a minute longer. Because he was coming. He was finally coming home.

It wasn’t easy. Love is never easy. No, it certainly isn’t easy when you fall in love with someone who has a heart this big, big enough to want to protect a million strangers yet somehow all his brothers and sisters. It isn’t easy to know you’re never going to be the only one he needs to protect but it helps to know that you’re the most important one to him, you’re the one he wants to protect – to protect from any sort of harm, even protect you from yourself.

No it wasn’t easy at all. It’s not easy when in a year you get to spend just about twenty days with your other half. Those twenty days however, so blissful and sweet, it was a bubble she never wanted broken. But alas! All good things eventually come to an end. The pain was physical. Every step he took away from her, her heart felt like it was stabbed ruthlessly with the broken razor sharp glass shard. It pierced her with every step he took away from her until he was all but a shadow imprinted on her eyes. And then. And then it shattered, shattered into a millions different pieces. He was the only one who’d be able to put it back. Piece for piece. But would he be there the next time to mend it back? Would she see him again? Or would He above snatch away her dearest from her? She could only pray.

Hence the letter, so precious it was, because he was well and breathing and he was coming home to her. The letter clutched tightly in her hands, with a thousand tiny wrinkles, the setting sun bathed her in a warm orange glow. Peeking out at the curvy road ahead, perched against their creaking gate. She waited. And waited. A sliver of a shadow could be seen in the bend ahead. She held her breath, her heart beating a mile a minute. The shadow grew to indicate a man walking towards her. It was him. She knew that shadow very well. She sprang the gate open and looked up to see his face ahead. With a cry of happiness she ran, ran with all her might and stopped short just in front of him. She tenderly grasped his face and he held her waist. And no words were needed to express their love as they gazed at each other. Their love was beheld in their eyes. In that moment they were both lost to everything else.

And he slowly lowered his face, brushed her lips with his, taking his time, savouring the moment, savouring the feel of her against him, savouring the kiss. There was no hurry. He wanted to relish every moment of their kiss. Because god forbid not, but if this was their last kiss he wanted to remember every minute of it, every single minute. For now they had all the time in the world together and he kissed her slowly into the starry night.

Forgive quickly.

“I cannot forget the follies and vices of other so soon as I ought, nor their offences against myself. My good opinion once lost is lost forever.” The dearly beloved (to me anyway) Mr. Darcy admits to this being his one fault or weakness.

We’ve all heard the term forget, forgive and move on. But is it really that easy to forget something someone has done to upset you but moreover to forgive them and go back to being all chummy with them? I find myself being able to relate with Mr. Darcy’s sentiments. It takes firstly a lot to get me offended but once it does it’s hard to forget, forgive the person more so, and move on.

Every relationship is based on trust and once that trust is broken it takes not only a lot of time but tremendous effort from both parties to mend the relationship, if at all. Personally, once the trust is broken I can’t get myself to trust the person again. Sure, I’m not going to turn into a mad, raving , wicked witch towards you but neither are we going to be the best of friends ever again. I’ll humor you and your antics but I’ll never be able to put my trust in you again.

Everyone has faults along with their charms but this makes me skeptical towards people who’ve been hurt over and over again by that one dear person and you’ve forgiven them every time they’ve hurt you. But have you truly? Have you completely forgotten about it or you’ve buried it in some deep recess of your mind? It’s never forgotten if you ask me. It’s there, buried maybe some deep, deep place but it’s there. Because you haven’t addressed the issue. You haven’t confronted your own feelings so confronting the person in question is well, out of the question. You keep bearing the hurt because you supposedly ‘love’ the person but if you ask me those are the beginnings of a doormat personality. Time. It takes time to heal this hurt and even more time to come to terms with it and forgive the person and truly put it behind you.

As if this isn’t hard enough then there is the notion of forgive quickly. In my opinion any forgiveness granted that quickly would imply that it isn’t actual forgiveness. Because it takes time to heal ourselves once we’ve been hurt, disappointed and it’s only when we heal completely can we forgive the person and move on. So can this notion of forgive quickly even exist then?

However all said and done being able to forgive one, is one of the greatest qualities a person can posses and if you can truly forget about the incident and forgive the person it gives you a peace of mind and this sense of satisfaction because then you can close that chapter in your life and start many more new ones.

So yes, forgive but not that quickly that you’re just forgiving for the sake of it and still harboring ill feelings for the person.

Break the rules.

Life comes with its own set of dos and don’ts, it comes with rules and regulations. But rules were made to be broken. Because following the rules is not going to give us memories to laugh over years later, following the rules is going to make you just another face in the crowd. If you want to stand apart in this sea of faces break the rules and follow your heart. No one remembers the one who followed the rules letter for letter. It’s those that deviate who are imprinted on our minds forever. Because really no one is going to remember you if you came religiously to college, attended all your lectures and aced your tests. It’s the ones that are thrown out of class that will be remembered. it’s the ones that caused havoc and gave others a reason to smile at their own expense who will be remembered.

Life is full of adventure. Grasp it when you have the time because life is short and an opportunity once lost is lost forever. Somewhere deep down, if we play by  all the rules, there’s always this nagging feeling of what if I hadn’t? What if just this once I broke the rule? But unless you do you’ll never know and unless you do it now  you may never have the chance. Regret is probably one of the worst and one of the strongest emotions one goes through because you had the chance to do something but you never did. So why bring upon ourselves this emotion when the opportunity is right there in front of us. All we need is a little courage, maybe a small nudge and all we have to do is stretch our hands that extra inch and grab it. Life is not going to wait for us to go and live a little. Cause living by the rules is life not lived. So spread your wings, taste the air of freedom, break free of the mental shackles and go ‘live’ your life. Don’t just exist as an entity.

Life is short.

When we wake up in the morning we never imagine that today is going to be our last day on this planet. No, we get up and go about our daily business, our everyday mundane tasks in a zombie like state. Because there is always tomorrow. But what if  there wasn’t? What if today was your last?

What if today was the last day you had to yourself and you never got to take that road trip you’ve always wanted to go on?

What if today was your last day and you never got the chance to see Baltimore?

What if today was your last day and you never ate the sumptuous double chocolate chip sundae because you thought you would gain 20 pounds?

What if you never got the chance to wear the new bikini you bought because you still hadn’t reached your ideal weight?

What if you never got to tell your crush that you love them cause you thought there would always be tomorrow?

What if today was your last day and you’ve never even been kissed cause you were over analyzing everything?

What if today was your last day and you never got to swim with the dolphins?

What if today is your last day and and you never get to know what kind of drunk you are?

What if you’ve always wanted to go crazy at a party and dance like a spaz but you never had the courage to do it and now you don’t even get the chance to do so?

What if you saved up for months to get those amazing pair of Jimmy Choos but you never got to buy them?

What if Paris is your dream city and you never get to see the Eiffel Tower?

What if you never got the chance to tell the most important person in your life you’re sorry for the backlash you gave them that morning because any minute could be your last one.

What if you thought you’d tell your dad I love you later but the later never came?

What if you never did these things and on your last day on earth all you can feel is immense regret?

Life is short. We don’t know what may happen to us. We maybe laughing one minute and we could’ve just perished in the next. Life is unpredictable, Life is short and Life is beautiful. There is too much to see and too much to do. So much so that sometimes it’s good to break the rules, sometimes it’s okay to not play by the rules, sometimes all we need to do is break out of the monotony, sometimes all we need is some spontaneity, and there’s no time for petty grudges and fights. Life is short, live it today. Life is beautiful, love and spread the love today.

Because sometimes you just need that extra zing.

It’s not often that we pause, take a deep breath, look back on our busy schedules and say, “Today I’m going to do absolutely nothing but that what I want to do.”  This could be just be taking the day off and spending it with a loved one or indulging in a once upon a time favorite hobby or even sleeping! So this is exactly what I’m going to do. Every day of this week I’m going to break down the quote ‘Life is short’ and write one thing about it. Here’s to doing something I love…

And it’s a Perfect Day

After a week full of painful assignments, presentations, work and dealing with people you’d much rather not talk to or ever see again in your life if you had it your way, a day spent with one of your best friends feels like heaven came by to drop a visit (after a long, long absence that is). So often busy doing the mundane things in life we don’t take time out to keep in touch with those dear ones. But maybe that’s the reason why the reunion is so blissful. After such a week all you need is the best friend, mindless chatter, good food, a walk around town full of heritage sites, and maybe some not so mindless chatter. Throw in an adorable, hyper excited, attention demanding dog in that mix. It doesn’t get better than that. That’s it, that’s all it takes to banish the horrible week I’ve had from my mind. What can I say? I’m easy that way, so it would seem. It could just be that lingering hug (in a completely platonic way of course) or the use of excessive sarcasm or scorn that could make your day. Or it could also be the realization that you’ve both been using a term constantly to denote how Satan could possibly have taken a liking to you and of course wouldn’t leave you and your life alone then. It’s these little things that ultimately get me to smile at the end of a hard day.

It may also help to have friends who not only understand the shit you spew but take part in it, add to it and make it shittier and encourage you to keep going on. Because lets face it. No one else would understand the shit you speak and they would certainly have you put in a mental asylum if they could. But in the long run this is what is going to give you a lot of memories to cherish. I mean, no one else is going to have an argument with you over an hour and a half on which fictional character belongs to whom and if they’re allowed to have one hot night with them on the terrace. Really who else would do that unless they’re just as insane as you and they love you to bits, who else? What’s the chance that one day out of the blue you realize that you’re not the only jobless person who spends hours in front of the computer reading fan-fiction but your best friend also does and it just happens to make your day. Or even having your miserable day being turned into an amazing one with that Hey You note. I’m pretty sure none. Maybe it’s fate that we crossed paths but I couldn’t be more ecstatic about the fact that we did. Who else would call me Potter otherwise…